How to add emoji in whatsapp contact

Send emojis with effect in whatsapp

Now that Christmas is coming, a time when love is in the air, you can try to surprise your Whatsapp contacts with a new emoji, until now, hidden. It is a very loving emoji since it is a heart crossed by Cupid’s arrows.

Why is it secret? Very easy, because it is not an icon that is on the keyboard of the instant messaging application. So in order to use it you will need to enter a kind of code that very few people knew and that we are going to reveal.

As usual, social networks have been in charge of revealing this trick. This time it has been a Tiktok account that has shown how to put this romantic heart so that you can send it to all your contacts.

How do I add emojis to my WhatsApp contacts?

Simply enter any WhatsApp chat and long press on the message you want to react. As we can see in the screenshots, to the right of the six emojis will appear an icon with the “+” symbol that will allow us to choose the emoji we like the most.

How to write a name with emojis?

From the Google Play store you will have to download an application known as Emoji Letter Maker. After installing Emoji Letter Maker on your Android device, you must open it and write the word or letter you want to form with emojis in a text box that already includes the app interface.

  How to add new emoji in whatsapp

How to add hearts to WhatsApp messages?

To use this new emoji you will have to type in your Whatsapp ~<(heart emoticon)>~. Hit send and you will be able to see it on your screen and the receiver of the message, too.

Rain of emojis on whatsapp iphone

In 2018 Apple decided to create Memoji with iOS 12, an extra by which users can create a kind of animated emoji by recording the user’s face and creating a kind of animation. The goal is to share it via Messages or iMessage, although we can also send them via WhatsApp or Telegram.

And the first step is none other than creating a Memoji, for which we will have to use an iPhone SE 2 or a more recent model, or also an iPad mini 2021. The truth is that it is not necessary to have an iPhone or iPad with Face ID.

We have to open the Messages app on the iPhone i iPad and have a current version of iOS or iPadOS. At that point we have to start any conversation in Messages even if we do not write any message and click on the Memoji stickers button.

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The stickers appear and Memoji stickers appear on the right. If we click on them, the animals appear first, but we can also create our own if we slide the panel to the right until the end. Similarly, if we have created one, we can use it or, if we click on the button with the three blue dots, create a new Memoji and edit, create or delete it.

How to send a rain of emojis on whatsapp

One of the main tools that makes communication easier in WhatsApp is the use of emoticons: through these, we can send different messages with just one emoji; therefore, it is important to know their origin and meaning.

Although there are hundreds of them, the reality is that most of the time we usually choose just a few to send messages. For this reason, here we tell you how you can know which was the emoji you used the most in WhatsApp during this 2021; take note and make the most of it.

Before we start, it is important to mention that you can know this data both in iOS and Android and you do not need an external application: remember that the use of these can jeopardize the security of your account.

How to send many emojis in whatsapp

WhatsApp has been preparing for a few weeks a shortcut to make it easier for users to respond to a status faster: with a reaction. Now the feature has begun to be activated, first in the WhatsApp beta for Android.

  Emoji sticker whatsapp apk

Some users with WhatsApp version (available on APK Mirror) have found themselves in for a surprise when viewing statuses posted by their contacts on WhatsApp: it’s possible to reply with one of the eight emojis suggested to you by the app, with a tap.

Now WhatsApp is debuting a new way to respond to statuses or, at least, to facilitate responses. In this way, the application suggests you eight emojis to react to a status: , , , , , , y . The suggestions are displayed after swiping up, the same gesture used to send text replies.

This way, you can react to a status quickly with any of these emojis. The reactions are sent as messages to the creator of the status, so it is basically the same as replying with an emoji, but faster.

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