How to add new emoji in whatsapp

Combination of aesthetic emojis

Do you want to give a new look to your WhatsApp conversations? If Emojis or Gifs are not enough for you, you can enrich your sticker collection almost to infinity. And we have chosen the best stickers so you don’t have to search: with our collection of WhatsApp stickers you will have everything you need to surprise your friends.

With the previous ones you will have expanded your collection. Now it’s time to increase it with many more styles: click on the link of each pack to download it on your WhatsApp.Each of the following packs includes several collections inside.

Not enough with all the packs we have recommended? No problem, you can create stickers with your own photos. It’s a slightly cumbersome process, especially if you want to incorporate a lot of images in the same pack, but the result is sure to be worth it.

Mix emojis

WhatsApp Reactions were officially presented a few weeks ago, along with WhatsApp Communities. Its operation is very simple, exactly the same as it has been seen in other platforms: it will only be enough to press and hold on a message for the six emoji options to appear, and choose one to leave on the text.

  Emoji sticker whatsapp apk

Finally, along with the arrival of reactions, WhatsApp also announces that it is now possible to send files up to 2 GB, a big increase from the previous limit of 100 MB, with end-to-end encryption. In addition, the limit for group chats has also been increased to 512 people.

How to enable flash for whatsapp notifications

They are used very frequently and are even part of our way of communicating on social networks, messaging apps, emails and other sites. Therefore, we tell you how you can have the new ones that you are arriving without having to be looking for them or creating new ones that suit you.

If you have automatic updates, everything will be easier because it will be updated as soon as there is a new keyboard update available. If you want to do this only for your keyboard and so you do not have to worry about it, you have to go to the Play Store result where you find this, give the app and in the 3 points that you will find in the top right you will give automatic update.

There are several ways to install emojis on your mobile, although you will have to check that they are compatible. The most recent mobiles have this possibility, so most likely you will be able to access them.

  Whatsapp con emojis ios

If your Android device is not compatible with emojis, there are tools that allow you to use them and that you can download from Play Store, although be careful with what you download because there may be an app that does not end up being completely safe. Fleksy and SwiftKey keyboards can be a good idea because they allow you to send emojis. You can also use an app to create emojis, such as Bitmoji, but with so many options available at your disposal will not be necessary.

Flash whatsapp messages

Sticker in English translates as sticker, although actually, applying it to WhatsApp are dynamic images that can represent all kinds of content, and are called WaStickers. From the animated emoticons themselves and with new varieties to images or videos of celebrities with a sarcastic phrase, for example.

The Mikecrack and Los Compas series has its compilation of stickers in the Android Play Store with more than 1,200 different ones in its catalog including the most current ones. You can use them for all kinds of events and special situations. In addition to that, with all that volume of options, the truth is that we can choose freely. It is a very specific app only if you like these drawings as you will not find anything else.

  Emoji animados para whatsapp

Within its categories you will find stickers of Mikecrack, Trollino, Flexvega, RaptorGamer, Timba VK, Sparta356, RiusPlay, Invictor or Mayo97. But also from friends of Los Compas like Acenix, Agapito and more. You have such a variety of any of the characters that you will be able to communicate with only one of the categories to use them in all kinds of situations.

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