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iOS 16 introduces a refreshed lock screen with new ways to customize it and widgets that let you see information at a glance. Link your lock screen to a focus mode and use filters to limit distractions in apps. The Messages app includes important new features that allow you to edit and unsend messages you’ve just sent. Visual Finder lets you separate the subject from the background in a photo so you can copy and paste it into apps like Mail and Messages. iOS 16 also includes new features in Mail, Maps, Wallet, Health, and more.

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For Windows update terminology, see the article on Windows update types and monthly quality update types. For general information about Windows 11 (genuine version), see its update history page.

After installing Windows 11, some image editing programs may not render colors correctly on certain high dynamic range (HDR) displays. This is often seen with white colors, which may display in bright yellow or other colors.

Note Some device manufacturers and some of the documentation may call the feature to reset the device: “Quick Reset”, “PBR”, “Reset This Computer”, “PC Reset” or “Fresh Start”.

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This issue was fixed in KB5011493. Some devices may take up to seven (7) days after installation of KB5011493 to completely fix the problem and prevent files from persisting after a reset. For immediate effect, you can manually trigger the Windows Update Troubleshooter by following the Windows Update Troubleshooter instructions. If you are part of an organization that manages devices or deployment-ready operating system images, you can also fix this issue by applying a compatibility update to install and recover Windows. This makes improvements to the “safe operating system” (SafeOS) that is used to update the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). You can deploy these updates by following the instructions in Adding an update package to Windows RE using KB5012414 for Windows 11 (genuine version).

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Sticker in English translates as sticker, although actually, applying it to WhatsApp are dynamic images that can represent all kinds of content, and are called WaStickers. From the animated emoticons themselves and with new varieties to images or videos of celebrities with a sarcastic phrase, for example.

The Mikecrack and Los Compas series has its compilation of stickers in the Android Play Store with more than 1,200 different ones in its catalog including the most current ones. You can use them for all kinds of events and special situations. In addition to that, with all that volume of options, the truth is that we can choose freely. It is a very specific app only if you like these drawings as you will not find anything else.

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Within its categories you will find stickers of Mikecrack, Trollino, Flexvega, RaptorGamer, Timba VK, Sparta356, RiusPlay, Invictor or Mayo97. But also from friends of Los Compas like Acenix, Agapito and more. You have such a variety of any of the characters that you will be able to communicate with only one of the categories to use them in all kinds of situations.

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This book is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 No Cover License. It is a translation of ThinkJulia, which has the same license. A list of the differences between ThinkJulia and this book is available in Appendix C.

Allen Downey is a professor of computer science at Olin College of Engineering. He has taught at Wellesley College, Colby College, and U.C. Berkeley. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from U.C. Berkeley, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from MIT.

He was familiar with Allen Downey’s Think Python book, which contains all the key elements for learning to program properly. However, this book is based on the Python programming language. My first draft of the course was a mishmash of many references, but as I worked on it, the content began to look more and more like the Think Python chapters. Soon, the idea of developing my course as a basis for moving that book to Julia became a reality.

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It was a rough road. In August 2018 Julia v1.0 was released, and like all my fellow Julia programmers, I had to do a code migration. All the examples in the book are tested during the conversion of the source files to O’Reilly-compatible ASCIIDoc files. Both the toolchain and the code in the examples had to be compatible with Julia v1.0. Fortunately there are no courses in August….

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