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Like any form of communication, digital language is evolving. Emojis have become fixed in our culture as a kind of second alphabet with which we convey emotions, ideas or explain common situations. Emojis have specific meanings in different contexts and many people have altered the original message of these symbols to the point that they are rarely used for that purpose. Here we leave you some examples of emojis with meanings beyond the obvious.

This mythical animal is related to unconventional sexual practices. In some contexts, the unicorn is associated with the third member of an open sexual relationship. It is also an icon of the LGBT community.

It happens exactly the same as with the eggplant, but alluding to other attributes of the human anatomy. In 2016 Apple slightly changed this emoji and the new graphic was slightly distanced from the traditional pair of buttocks. This did not please at all the frequent users of this icon because -to be honest-, who uses it to refer to a peach?

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Emoji melting meaning

WhatsApp has more than 300 emojis in its platform, this is why something complicated to know what is the meaning of each and every one of the emoticons, so this time we will tell you about one of the most used emojis among the users of the app, it is the vampire emoji.

The vampire emoji sent in WhatsApp can be used in Halloween but it will also depend on the context of the conversation. This emoticon has a dark cape and pointed fangs and offers several skin tones.

Emoji shrugged shoulders meaning

In 2018 Apple decided to create Memoji with iOS 12, an extra by which users can create a kind of animated emoji by recording the user’s face and creating a kind of animation. The goal is to share it via Messages or iMessage, although we can also send them via WhatsApp or Telegram.

And the first step is none other than creating a Memoji, for which we will have to use an iPhone SE 2 or a more recent model, or also an iPad mini 2021. The truth is that it is not necessary to have an iPhone or iPad with Face ID.

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We have to open the Messages app on the iPhone i iPad and have a current version of iOS or iPadOS. At that point we have to start any conversation in Messages even if we do not write any message and click on the Memoji stickers button.

The stickers appear and Memoji stickers appear on the right. If we click on them, the animals appear first, but we can also create our own if we slide the panel to the right until the end. Similarly, if we have created one, we can use it or, if we click on the button with the three blue dots, create a new Memoji and edit, create or delete it.

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By now, everyone has ever used emojis, those faces and symbols with which we express feelings like joy or sadness in our messages, even without even knowing their meaning.

By now, anyone with a cell phone has ever used an emoji, these icons of faces and symbols that are part of the communication in instant messaging applications. In WhatsApp, these are very famous and are used to complement the message expressing feelings such as joy, sadness, surprise or disappointment. Each of these, has its own meaning, but for some that is unknown.

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Likewise, the same source says that it can also be used in conversations to convey something funny or ridiculous. Thanks to its raised arms, some people use this emoji as a way to express an excited.

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