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Skip to main content 6 min readAs flexible schedules gain wider support and global companies reopen offices around the world, there is a tendency for workers to feel they always have to be “on.” Accommodating different schedules and locations empowers your team to work when and where they are most productive. But if projects are happening at all hours of the day and night, it can be a challenge for everyone to keep up.

Research from the Future Forum indicates that one of the most important factors for a positive telecommuting experience is the ability to break free from strict office hours and work a more flexible schedule. However, for such flexible hours to work, you must let others know when you are available (and when you are not).

Are you preparing to take a vacation or an extended absence? Use your status to let people know a week in advance, so you don’t worry about blocking ongoing projects during your absence.

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Guess the character

In 2018 Apple decided to create Memoji with iOS 12, an extra by which users can create a kind of animated emoji by recording the user’s face and creating a kind of animation. The goal is to share it via Messages or iMessage, although we can also send them via WhatsApp or Telegram.

And the first step is none other than creating a Memoji, for which we will have to use an iPhone SE 2 or a more recent model, or also an iPad mini 2021. The truth is that it is not necessary to have an iPhone or iPad with Face ID.

We have to open the Messages app on the iPhone i iPad and have a current version of iOS or iPadOS. At that point we have to start any conversation in Messages even if we do not write any message and click on the Memoji stickers button.

The stickers appear and Memoji stickers appear on the right. If we click on them, the animals appear first, but we can also create our own if we slide the panel to the right until the end. Similarly, if we have created one, we can use it or, if we click on the button with the three blue dots, create a new Memoji and edit, create or delete it.

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How good are your eyes

This easter egg worked exclusively with the classic heart emoji, in red, but with time and several updates of Unicode, we have ended up with hearts of all colors: orange, yellow, green, purple, black, white and brown. Now all hearts of all colors become giant and animated if we send them in a message without anything else.

All of them? No, the irreducible orange emoji resists in what almost certainly is a bug that should be fixed in a future update. So, all hearts of all colors animate big, unless it is the orange heart. If you’re curious, this orange heart is theoretically a symbol of friendship.

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